Magic Johnson Weighs In On Michael Jordan Vs LeBron James GOAT Debate

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is part of the ongoing GOAT debate. The release of The Last Dance added fuel to the fire, and Magic Johnson was the last to discuss the topic.

The documentary details Jordan’s success with the final season with the Chicago Bulls. He was going after his sixth Championship ring, and it was more than awesome.

LeBron has been really successful, too. He has three titles and many other accomplishments.

LeBron James is ready for the next stage of the GOAT debate

When asked about the GOAT debate, Johnson was positive.

“Well firstly let’s not take anything away from LeBron James, because LeBron James is a great basketball player, one of the all-time greatest that’s ever played the game. LeBron James to me, when you think about the all-around basketball player, he’s probably the best of all time all-around basketball player. But when you want to say who’s the greatest ever, it’s still Michael Jordan. Now, LeBron James’ chapter is not closed yet, right, he still has some basketball to play. So Maybe he has a chance to catch him later on if he can get some more championships under his belt.”

When asked if he believes Jordan when he says it’s hard for him to call himself the GOAT, Johnson provided a similar answer.

“Oh yeah, because Michael is not going to talk about himself. He’s not going to say, ‘Hey I’m the greatest player whoever lived.’ That’s not who he is, he’s never been like that. But he let his game speak for himself. He doesn’t have to say that. It’s guys like myself, it’s fans, who would say that. And he backed it up with how he practiced, how he approached the game and then how he played the game both physically and mentally. And then when you take account that he never lost in the NBA Finals, oh my goodness that’s amazing. Look at his scoring average and the percentage that he shot from the floor in those series too, it’s truly amazing.”

Well, the debate won’t end here. It will be more than brilliant to see how will the whole thing end.