Patriots Fullback Danny Vitale Explains His Awesome College Nickname

Patriots fullback Danny Vitale has the strongest nickname you will ever imagine. Some like to call him ‘Danny,’ and there are also people who call him ‘super back.’

Well, this name sure describes his power on the field.

During his introductory conference call with the media members, Vitale shared the story of his nickname. How did he get it?

“Yeah, it’s funny, actually. I had never heard of a super back before I got to college, either, but basically it was just like an H-back, a move tight end,” said Vitale. “Northwestern, back when I was there, didn’t use a true hand-in-the-dirt tight end, so I played a little bit in the slot – a lot of times in the slot – on the wing, fullback when they used it and played a lot of receiver, basically, as well. It was just a kind of versatile player who could do a little bit of everything, and it was good for me because it kept me on the field playing 60 plays a game, sometimes more there.

“That was just a great role for me with my athletic ability and also with my ability to be able to block, as well. It was just a way to get me at the point of attack and do a lot of cool things from there. So, that was a big reason I went to Northwestern. They just kind of fit that mold that I was looking for.”

Danny Vitale hopes for a win

Vitale has a positional versatility that makes him sort of different from James Develin. The latter was a lead blocker in 21 personnel. Vital measures at 6 feet and 239 pounds, and some compare him to Develin. Well, we believe head coach Bill Belichick will find the perfect way to use “the super back.” That would be a nice addition to the strong Patriots roster.

New England is entering the 2020 season without star quarterback Tom Brady. Patriots players are confident about the upcoming season, and coach Belichick is ready to lead his team through the upcoming challenge. 2020 will be a big season for every player on the Patriots roster.