Patriots’ Jason McCourty Rips New Onside Kick Rule as Helping Losers

Some players are super excited to see the league change the outdated onside kick with a fourth-and-15 conversion play. What does New England Patriots cornerback Jason McCourty say about the new kick rule? The Patriots superstar doesn’t like it at all.

According to McCourty, making the security of possession of the ball after a score a touch easier is actually rewarding NFL teams for playing from behind throughout the game. He said, “We’re now basically rewarding you for being behind.”

Analysts say that fourth-and-15 is not an easy conversion. However, McCourty believes that allowing a team to try a play with a higher conversion rate than the onside kick will actually give teams “a pass for not asserting control through the indended, conventional means.”

The new rule change has seen great support. NFL teams aren’t allowed to modify their decision from a conversion to a kickoff if the play has an offensive pass interference. Why won’t teams like it at all?

If McCourty doesn’t like the new conversion proposal because he doesn’t like changes, we’d understand that.

Jason McCourty doesn’t have other worries than the kick rule

McCourty is recovering from his offseason surgery, and the NFL has allowed players like him to return to the field at this point. He was really excited when the Patriots picked up the team option on the last year of the contract he signed last year. McCourty will do his best to recover from the groin injury that limited him to 12 games last season.

The cornerback won the championship in 2018. New England used him as a key player in the secondary with his twin brother Devin. In the first 10 games of 2019, the cornerback had 39 tackles, an interception and five pass breakups. His groin injury affected his game, and had to stay on the sidelines at the end of the season.

McCoirty won’t try too hard to recover, because he wants his injury to heal completely. The team doesn’t practice now, and they won’t have minicamp at the moment. But, they do look forward to entering a strong season. The McCourty twins are ready for the big challenge.