Patriots Legend Releases Statement On Cam Newton-Patriots Situation

Cam Newton has yet to find a home in the NFL, and the New England Patriots won’t be that. The quarterback was cut from his team, and many thought that he would sing a deal with head coach Bill Belichick. The Patriots remained without a quarterback after Tom Brady’s departure from the team. Brady signed a deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and he will stay there until the end of his career. What did a Patriots legend say about Newton?

The Patriots have Jarrett Stidham on the roster and this is probably the only thing Belichick needs at the moment. There were numerous reports about Newton’s possibility to sign with the Patriots. Some of the reports suggested that the Patriots aren’t interested in the quarterback.

The 31-year-old former MVP will have to sign to be a backup with a different team. He may take a leading position in a team that lacks a quarterback. Quarterbacks can get injured, and the situation may change overnight.

Newton was linked with the Patriots, but Belichick is ready to use Stidham on the roster.

A Patriots legend speaks

Some have suggested New England should sign Newton, others have claimed he wouldn’t be a nice fit for the Patriots. Patriots legendary linebacker Willie McGinest has something else to say on this.

McGinest went on FS1, and was asked if Cam and Belichick may hypothetically coexist. He also said that the Patriots have a lot of respect for Newton because of his incredible performance against him.

McGinest said there shouldn’t be a big debate over Belichick and his ways of handling Cam’s personality. Belichick can work with lot of different players in the past.

“When you look at Cam Newton and the issues he’s had, it’s never been off the field,” McGinest said. “It’s never really been on the field. It’s been when he hasn’t performed at a certain level and he’s frustrated with himself, or he didn’t win football games. And it was usually at the press conference, at the podium.”

We believe there will be an update on this story. Where will Newton go this offseason?