Report: Dolphins Offensive Coordinator Fired After Patriots Offense Too Hard To Learn

The Miami Dolphins fired offensive coordinator Chad O’Shea. This came like a surprise because the team won the final five games of the last season. The team had great success in the Week 17 game against the New England Patriots. It turns out that Bill Belichick’s team is actually responsible for O’Shea’s firing. He is parting ways with the team because he couldn’t cope with the Patriots offense. Yes, the very same offense that struggled in 2019.

According to a report from the Miami Herald, the offensive coordinator’s playbook was too hard for the young Dolphins players. It was so terrible that a current player called it names.

“The Patriots offense is considered complex, but a player said O’Shea made the situation worse by trying to install especially complicated, advanced elements of the Patriots offense that (Tom) Brady and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels used. Those plays and terminology might be second nature to Brady in years 17, 18 and 19 of his career there but would confuse young Dolphins who were learning the Dolphins offense for the first time.”

The Dolphins offensive coordinator struggled

O’Shea couldn’t handle the offense, and he couldn’t really imitate Josh McDaniels’ moves on the field. He will have to find a home somewhere else. According to some reports, O’Shea signed a contract with the Cleveland Browns. He will be their wide receivers coach and passing game coordinator. Will he have more luck with the Browns? They weren’t really a strong team in 2019.

When it comes to the Patriots, they will move on with a different offense. The team will enter the 2020 season without Tom Brady leading the offense. Brady will lead the Buccaneers’ offense in 2020. The Patriots will have Jarrett Stidham as a starting quarterback in September. Although this may be a big challenge for the Patriots, they have a strong coaching staff and also a roster packed with talent. 2020 will be challenging for pretty much every team in the league.

In 2019, the Patriots offense struggled to move on, and many analysts criticized the team for the lack of offensive power. Brady was unable to hide his frustrations. Hopefully, everyone will get better in 2020.