Report: LeBron James Has Been Holding Private Workouts With Lakers Teammates

The NBA suspended the regular season on March 11, right after Utah Jazz Rudy Gobert tested positive for coronavirus. Players haven’t played a game for two months. However, they can return any time now. According to recent reports, players may have the possibility to finish the season in Orlando and Disney World. So, the season may resume any time now. Some teams have already returned to their practice facilities. They all follow the limitations and guidelines to promote health and safety. Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has done things differently, and he has actually hosted private workouts with some of his teammates.

LeBron James throws workouts

The Athletics’ Shams Charania confirmed the information.

“It’s been different for every team. For example, in L.A., LeBron James has held private workouts with one-to-two teammates at a time in a closed-off, private location, on the court. All the safety measures have been taken, I’m told, in these private workouts. Everyone involved has been tested. Everyone involved has practiced social distancing. Players involved have taken the necessary steps to ensure that they’re following all the guidelines. The Clippers have had some players do the same in terms of working out and getting together on the court. This is a way for both teams to gain chemistry. Be able to be in shape and in tune with each other as a potential resumption of the season gets near.”

Authorities put social distancing measures into place and teams couldn’t practice for a month. Some players couldn’t even practice at home. Not everyone has a basketball court. In the offseason, players usually find a place to work out and shoot.

This was a mandatory break from all team activities. Seeing LeBron work out with his teammates is great. They are following all the safety guidelines. This practice will help them prepare for the potential return of the season.

The NBA has to make a decision on the further development of events. Players’ safety is a priority. However, pretty much every player would love to go back to the court and finish the season.