The Exact Moment When Relationship Between Tom Brady And Bill Belichick Went Bad

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick built an empire, and the New England Patriots won six Super Bowls in the past two decades. The team also made three other appearances. Many thought that the best coach and his GOAT quarterback would finish their careers together. This didn’t happen, and Brady left Belichick and the Patriots after two decades. He is now playing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Patriots will have to use another quarterback. So, when did the relationship between Brady and Belichick broke?

Their relationship didn’t break as a result of outside rumors or problems. It was broken inside. Brady and Belichick made the best duo in the NBA, and they were more than successful in the past twenty years. Brady and his coach were like a father and son trying to work perfectly together. For the rest of the world, they were the best NFL duo on this planet.

Brady was just trying to get an approval and acceptance. Belichick was really cold, and he was only looking for results. TB12 has finally found the strength to move on alone.

Patriots players really liked Brady. He was an excellent teammate and leader. He helped them win games, and they had nothing but words of praise for him. Brady was really approachable, and he built trusting friendships with pretty much everyone in the Patriots organization.

Belichick didn’t think twice before cutting a “fan favorite” who had terrible numbers. The head coach wanted to win games. He would never accept a decline. He was sitting on top of the football world, and a declining player would never get a place on his roster.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick parted ways

Coach B praised many Patriots players, but he never credited Brady for his accomplishments. They were always polite and formal. There was some sort of distance and it became bigger overtime.

The tension became really big in 2017. Brady was working with his trainer Alex Guerrero for most of his career. Many Patriots players liked him, and he was working with Danny Amendola, Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski too.

Belichick didn’t like what Guerrero did with other Patriots players, and banned him from joining the team. Everyone who wanted to work with him had to go to a TB12 training center.Guerrero was working with Brady every day and he was a trusted friend. He was connected with his chef, too.