Vince Carter’s Crazy Requirement For LeBron James To Leapfrog Kobe Bryant In GOAT Race

Vince Carter joined the great number of NBA players who spoke on the GOAT debate. The debate revolves around two names, and Carter shared a different take. His side includes LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and GOAT power.

Carter has played in four different decades. According to him, Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan is on top of the lost. Kobe is No.2 and LeBron earned the No. 3 spot. Many wouldn’t agree with him on this one, but Carter shared his reasons to say this.

According to him, King James can leapfrog the Black Mamba in the rankings. There’s still a way for him to do this. The 42-year-old talked to Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on the All The Smoke. He said that the Los Angeles Lakers superstar can go a spot higher on the NBA list.

Can LeBron James go higher than Kobe Bryant in the GOAT debate?

Barnes asked, “Does LeBron have the opportunity in your mind to possibly jump Kobe?”

Carter’s response was predictable. He said, “He has an opportunity based on what he gets done. If he gets to the Finals again… You’re just gonna give him more credit. Now, ten times in the Finals?! That’s insane if he can get to the Finals double-digit. Wait until it’s all said and done, then it’s fair to have a real debate. Let’s see what LeBron does and then we’ll go from there.”

Carter is one of the few basketball players who have confronted Jordan, the Black Mamba and King James.

MJ has six titles, and Bryant has five. LeBron has three. He has been playing for 17 years, and he needs one more NBA Finals appearance to meet Carter’s criteria. LeBron is 3-6 in the previous nine.

Many would say that LeBron needs to win one more title. Going 3-7 won’t really be nice for him. He needs a title with the Lakers. That would put him on the top.

The Los Angeles Lakers have a real chance to win a title this season. They will have to wait for the season to resume. LeBron’s team has the best record in the West.