Watch: Here’s How LeBron James Insane Diet Look Like

What’s your favorite food? Do you think that you and LeBron James follow the same diet regimen? Many people would say that LeBron only eats tacos. This is absolutely wrong. Yes, he does have a favorite taco day, and Taco Tuesday is a tradition in the James household. But, the great LeBron James eats much more than that.

King James has incredible athleticism, and those muscles aren’t built with tacos. A great basketball player can’t survive off tacos.

So, we do know that LeBron eats tacos on Tuesday. What is he eating every other day?

Some athletes eat like Michael Phelps. Some like to do things a little stricter. They don’t eat any carbs and sugar. Fans are always interested in the diet regimen their idols have. What does LeBron do? He balances between Phelps’ diet and the diet of a health-conscious person.

LeBron James follows an insane diet plan

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and LeBron follows this rule. He almost always listens to momma. The king of basketball starts the day with a big dish full of protein and fruit. He eats egg white omelets, berries and yogurt. He also has some gluten-free pancakes. This wouldn’t sound that bad. We all love pancakes.

When he likes to take things easy, he eats a simple whole-wheat bagel and some peanut butter. This gives him the energy he needs for his morning workout. He adds more fruit and protein powder. That’s one of the very few artificial products he uses. His menu also has yogurt, apples and almond butter. Classy.

Before his games, LeBron eats low-fat proteins and adds more carbs. He eats vegetables, whole-wheat pasta and chicken breast. He always refuels at half-time. It could be PB and J or some delicious fruit.

LeBron is a fruit ninja. After the end of the game, he takes a protein shake. He also eats chicken breast, broccoli, or a salad. When he likes to eat unhealthy, he has filet mignon and lobster tail or chicken Parmesan. Blaze Pizza is also an option. Fruity Pebbles is his favorite cereal.