Watch: LeBron James Gives Motivational Speech To Lakers Teammates

The Los Angeles Lakers sit on top of the Western Conference. For the first time in many years, the Lakers have a chance to win a title. They haven’t won on since Kobe Bryant’s time, and they really missed this leadership and dominance. LeBron James arrived in Los Angeles last summer, and his debut season wasn’t really successful. But, it wasn’t his fault. LeBron got injured, and his younger teammates couldn’t really control the game on the floor. This time, LeBron and his Lakers teammates have built an excellent chemistry. He has Anthony Davis by his side. Kyle Kuzma is also here, and JaVale McGee is doing his thing.

But, LeBron holds everyone together. The king of basketball has an incredible ability to turn his teammates into better players. LeBron leads the league in assists this season, and his leadership skills have helped his teammates play better basketball. LeBron and Davis make the perfect basketball duo, and they made great things this season. Sadly, the NBA suspended the season and LA players may not get a chance to hit the floor and win a championship.

Well, this doesn’t change the fact that the Lakers have an incredible game this season because of the chemistry they have built. LeBron knows how to motivate his teammates. He knows when to give his motivational speeches. He does that when his team needs it.

LeBron and his Lakers teammates are ready for the title

There’s a video of LeBron calling his teammates together to say, “Anytime you fall, stay down, your brother will come pick you up.

LeBron does this in real life too. His great personality has been the main topic of many stories. LeBron invited his teammates in his home in LA to have their workouts. Some of his teammates don’t have a gym in their apartments. Every gym was closed during the lockdown, remember? Well, LeBron is here for his teammates. He’d help them whenever they need help.

For now, the only thing he can do is wait for the season to resume. Things will be a lot different after the resumption. It’s a challenging season for LA, and they have a good chance to win a title.