Adam Schefter Reveals Bonus Reason Patriots Fans Should Love Cam Newton Deal

The New England Patriots made a really big move and they are now signing Cam Newton to a one-year deal. This deal caused an avalanche of reactions, and the Patriots attracted the attention of every football fan. The New England Patriots have a really good chance to win the Super Bowl again, and Newton will help them chase their dreams.

Newton agreed to sign a one-year deal with the team. It’s an incentive-laden deal worth $7.5 million. The veteran quarterback will give the Patriots the boost they need for the upcoming season. Tom Brady is out of the team, remember? He is now playing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Well, New England will have to make a few changes now. They have to face a few big challenges. The punishment is here too. The Patriots will lose $1 million and a third-round draft pick for the videotaping scandal. NFL investigators finished the procedure and the Patriots will have to pay the price for the scandal. That’s what some analysts say.

The Patriots offered Cam Newton a good deal

Let’s go back to Newton. Adam Schefter from ESPN reported that Newton’s deal with the Patriots is somewhat related to the punishment.

We don’t know the reasons he had to make these comments. New England may recoup the lost third-round pick if Newton leaves the team in free agency.

“This is very New England: Now if Cam Newton plays well in 2020, and leaves as a free agent, the Patriots could get back a compensatory 2022 third-round pick to help make up for 2021 third-round pick the NFL is taking away from New England for its videotape violation.”

The best scenario would have been for New England to not be concerned about finding a replacement for the 2021 third-round selection. Well, now they can hit two birds with one stone. Signing Newton is a big deal, and head coach Bill Belichick knows what he is doing.

The Patriots will enter a challenging season and Newton comes at the right time. There have been several stories about his arrival in New England and it looks like the rumors were correct. We can’t wait to see Newton on the field again.