Asante Samuel Throws Shade At Bill Belichick In Series Of Tweets

Asante Samuel is not someone who keeps his mouth shut. Pretty much every NFL player is well aware of his trash talking. Well, the great Asante Samuel used a few tweets to blast New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

The Patriots selected Samuel in 2003. He spent five seasons with the team and earned his first-team All-Pro honors in 2007. Samuel left the organization after earning this honor, and now he is talking about coach B. the four-time Pro Bowler took to Twitter to share his take on the Patriots head coach.

“Fun Fact: I made (Bill) Belichick understand the cornerback position better and how to make plays in any coverage. He never agreed with the way I played but now he teaches it,” Samuel tweeted.

Asante Samuel a couple of several tweets

We believe coach Belichick won’t like any of this. But, we also believe that the Patriots head coach won’t say anything on Samuel’s comments. He never responds to jabs of this kind. Wait, is this a jab?

That’s not the only thing Samuel tweeted. His next Belichick-related tweet is even hotter.

“Fun Fact: When I was in Atlanta getting ready to play the Patriots before the game me, Tom (Brady), and Bill huddled up and Belichick immediately start talking (expletive) to me. That’s how we rock!,” Samuel wrote.

Some fans won’t agree with him about the first part. Others will blast him for the courage he had to write anything like this about the best head coach in the league.

Belichick doesn’t pay attention to outside noise. His players do the same. They don’t even think of what other people say about them. That’s actually great. Patriots players protect themselves from all the criticism and this has helped them survive on the top for this long.

Will this change in 2020? New England will enter the first season without their star quarterback. Tom Brady is no longer a Patriot. Belichick let him go. Brady wanted to go. They both had demands and they parted ways after two decades. Well, this will be a big challenge for Belichick. That’s his only concern at the moment.