Division Rival’s QB Gives Bold Prediction for Patriots Without Tom Brady

How will the New England Patriots handle the upcoming season without Tom Brady? The star quarterback won’t be playing with the team that selected him two years ago. He is now playing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Yes, we saw the pics of him in the new uniform.

There have been so many predictions about the Patriots and the 2020 season. Some say the team will fail to win games. Other believe that head coach Bill Belichick will play much better without TB12. What does Buffalo Bills Josh Allen say about this?

Allen shared his take on the Patriots’ situation and the upcoming season during his appearance on Sirius XM Radio.

“With Tom being gone everybody sees there’s an opportunity, but I still see the Patriots being the best team in the division right now. They’ve been to the playoffs the last 20 years, basically. Just because they lose one guy I don’t think it’s going to be that much of a difference. I know Tom is arguably the greatest quarterback of all time but they also have one of the greatest coaches of all time.”

Coach Belichick will try to confront Allen and get the AFC East title. Will they win the 12th straight AFC East title? Analysts believe that the Bills have a chance to dethrone Belichick’s guys and put an end to the Patriots dynasty.

How will the Patriots handle Allen’s team without Tom Brady?

Allen talked about his plans for the 2020 season.

“We’re not taking that any differently. It’s going to be one game at a time. I definitely think our team has the right mindset going into it. I don’t think we’re expecting to be the favorites, expecting to go out there and win every single game. It’s going to be a dog fight each and every game and we’re working hard right now.”

When it comes to Allen’s time in Buffalo, he has a 0-3 record against the Patriots. He didn’t have the best success on the field. And the threw three interceptions in the 16-10 loss in Week 4 at home.

In the second game, Allen did somewhat better and threw two touchdown passes. Well, Patriots players sacked him four times in both games.