Here’s How Opposing Stands by LeBron James and Dwight Howard Affected Lakers

The NBA agreed to resume the season, but players don’t really share the same opinion on this one. Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving talked to other NBA players in a conference call on Friday. According to him, the resumption will distract people from the protest against racial injustice and police brutality. LeBron James and Dwight Howard play on the same team, but they don’t share the same opinion.

King James didn’t join the call that involved around 80 players. The three-time NBA champion doesn’t really think that the restart would affect his ability to protest against social injustice. Howard and Avery Bradley seem to be supportive of Irving’s point of view.

LeBron James and Dwight Howard have different opinion

Howard released a statement to address the topic. Charles Briscoe said people have misinterpreted Irving’s statement. He talked to ESPN and said Irving’s comments were about social injustice, adding that it had nothing to do with basketball. Howard hasn’t said a thing about his decision on the potential return.

“The statement was about social injustice and racism,” Briscoe said. “Yet everybody is still talking about whether basketball should be played. He isn’t saying that basketball shouldn’t be. He’s just saying that you should not be taking attention away from what’s going on in the country to talk about basketball.

“Basketball is just a sport, at the end of the day. But what’s going on with people dying in the streets, that’s something real. That statement, it had nothing to do with sports. It had everything to do with racism and social injustice.”

There are so many different opinions, but Lakers players don’t really have a problem. ESPN quoted one of the players suggesting there is “no divide” within the franchise.

The Lakers are favorites to win the title this season. They were sitting on top of the West, and the best has yet to come. LeBron and his teammates defeated the Los Angeles Clippers and Milwaukee Bucs. This was a great achievement for the team, and they are ready to finish the season with a big win. Let’s see what happens in July.