Julian Edelman Shares His First Photo With Cam Newton In Patriots Jersey

The New England Patriots are ready to put quarterback Cam Newton into use. Veteran wideout Julian Edelman is ready to get the best from his new teammate, and he may pair well with the great Cam Newton. Jules took to his Instagram account to share a photo of him and Newton. A photoshopped one, of course.

For those who are worried about Edelman’s opinion on Newton, this post says pretty much everything. Edelman likes his new teammate. Doubters were worried about his relationship with Newton because he hadn’t shared a post about his arrival. The same people noticed that Edelman has been really active with Jarrett Stidham on social media. Well, there you go. Edelman is happy for Newton’s contract with the Patriots. He is an experienced quarterback and he was also a NFL MVP in 2015. They can actually make the best duo in the NFL.

When it comes to Stidham, he will have to compete with Brian Hoyer and Newton for the starting position in September. Head coach Bill Belichick will have to make a big decision. He is trying to find a replacement for the greatest of all time, remember? Will Newton earn his trust? Will Belichick use Stidham?

Julian Edelman and Cam Newton may make the best duo

The former Carolina Panthers quarterback sustained many injuries in his football career. Newton had two shoulder surgeries in the last three years. The foot fracture put an end to his 2019 season. In 2015, Newton led Carolina to the Super Bowl. They didn’t won a trophy, but Newton won the MVP award.

Patriots players are excited about his contract. It’s a one-year deal heavy on incentives. Mohamed Sanu likes Newton’s leadership skills. He likes his style. What did Stephen A. Smith say about Newton? He believes that the Patriots are equipped to win a Super Bowl with Newton under center.

The only thing we can do at the moment is wait and see what happens in September. The Patriots will hit training camp now, and players will have a chance to show Belichick that they are the right options for his quarterback position.

Belichick is fine with his team. He is fine with Brady leaving the team. What’s next on the list?