Julian Edelman Wants You To Watch This Speech On The George Floyd Protests

New England Patriots wideout Julian Edelman is one of the many athletes who spoke up after the death of George Floyd.

The tragedy has caused polarizing reactions throughout the nation. Some people gather for peaceful protests to solve the problem with racial injustice. However, some people are trying to change the narrative and use Floyd’s death to accomplish their goals. This has got to stop, and we need to do something. US streets are full of chaos and mess. People are hurt. People are angry. Let’s not let this anger turn into something terrible.

The city of Atlanta is one of the worst cases when it comes to handling peaceful protests and looting. You have probably heard about rapper and social activist Killer Mike and his stance on the problem. Killer Mike delivered a very passionate eight-minute speech on the local news station in Atlanta. He addressed the current needs and the changes this city has to make before it’s too late.

Julian Edelman delivers a message for George Floyd

Edelman shared his message, and this is about to get even more serious. The Patriots receiver tried to open everyone’s eyes and help them understand the severity of the problem. We’ve been dealing with this for quite some time, and the problem won’t go away. People are dying. Their families are asking questions. They need answers. Who will answer these questions? Who will stand behind these people? They need to be heard. They need to speak up.

A lot of sports figures have been called out in some way when it comes to staying calm on the problem of racial injustice. White athletes may not have the same knowledge about issues that affect the black part of the world. However, everyone has a responsibility to speak out. It’s our moral responsibility. It’s more than obvious that everyone has decided to take a stance on their own.

Edelman is one of these people. A lot of fans have supported his opinion. He asked people to listen. He asked them to think twice. Racial tension is getting really serious now, and we really need to prevent a bigger problem.