Lakers’ GM Rob Pelinka Reacts To LeBron James & Ben Simmons Playing Pickup Without Masks

Los Angeles Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka reacted to the comments fans made on LeBron James and Ben Simmons. It turns out the king of basketball and the Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons played pickup basketball. That’s not the “controversial” bit of the problem. According to several sources, they didn’t wear any masks.

What does Pelinka say about this?

The Lakers general manager said that the league’s protocol doesn’t force players to wear masks during games. Basketball players will have to wear face masks once they leave the court in Orlando, Florida, at the Walt Disney campus.

Rob Pelinka excused LeBron James

The regular season will resume in a month. The Lakers and Sixers are ready to take the big challenge. Several players had positive results, including Buddy Hield, Jabari Parker, DeAndre Jordan, Spencer Dinwiddie and Nikola Jokic.

Jordan said he won’t be playing with the Brooklyn Nets in Orlando. Dinwiddie has yet to make a decision.

Before the NBA hiatus, LeBron’s Lakers owned the top spot in the West. Simmons and his team had the sixth spot in the East.

Many analysts believe that the Lakers and Milwaukee Bucks will meet in the 2020 NBA Finals. Well, the Los Angeles Clippers may say something about this. The Sixers may add something, too.

King James missed the playoffs in the 2018-19 season for the first time since his second year in the league. His debut didn’t work well, but his second season is brilliant. He has been leading the league in assists and yes, he has a real chance to win a championship.  Most analysts believe that LeBron’s performance will be even better in the Finals. He turns on his beast mode when things get hot. And trust me, it will be really hot in Florida.

LeBron has won three titles, and this will be his fourth. There’s no room for mistakes this time. He has Anthony Davis by his side, and the Lakers work really well together. Unlike the 2019 squad, this team has better chemistry. Most players are healthy and Davis leads the team in points. They need to take this chance.