LeBron James Had His Conversations With Adam Silver Amid Season Return

The NBA will resume later this season in Orlando, Florida. What does LeBron James think about this? He has been working so hard to put the Los Angeles Lakers on top of the West. He would be more than excited about the potential resumption. The great LeBron James talked to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver about this.

The return date is already here, but not many players share LeBron’s sentiment. Kyrie Irving and Dwight Howard don’t even plan to return. That’s what their initial statements suggest. Howard’s agent said his client has yet to make a decision on his return. Irving and other players are concerned over the safety of the Orlando “bubble.” Others believe that going back to the court would distract players from the real problem right now. This group of players believe that focusing on the battle against racism is more important than resuming the season.

LeBron has been pretty loud in the past few weeks. He has supported the war against racism and police brutality. He has been outspoken about social injustice. The three-time NBA champion believes that the game won’t affect his efforts. Having the season back may easily turn into the biggest platform to raise general awareness.

LeBron James talked to Adam Silver

NBA insider Shams Charania appeared on “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” and talked about LeBron’s opinion on the resumption. He said that the Lakers superstar is fully onboard with the return. Charania reported that LeBron will use that platform to make a change.

“LeBron James wants to play. He’s had his private conversations with Adam Silver, as have other star players in the league,” the NBA insider said. “He’s made his position known. He wants to play and feels like they can use that platform, that setting, to really thrive.”

Charania reported that the NBA and superstars are trying to work out the next steps for impacting the efforts for social justice and change in our nation.

LeBron uses his popularity to raise awareness and help people raise their voices. A lot of families are looking for answers, including George Floyd’s loved ones. He has been talking about this problem for quite some time, and he won’t stop now.