Lifelong Friend Of LeBron James Sends Clear Message To NBA

Racial injustice has been a problem since forever. Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James delivered a big message, and he does his best to spread it throughout the world. The king of basketball has been fighting against racism, and the NBA supports him. The league planned to make two big gestures, and we believe many people will approve this.

Romeo Travis, a dear friend of LeBron, doesn’t believe that this is enough.

When the NBA season restarts in July in Orlando, basketball courts will feature a “Black Lives Matter” sign. That’s not all. The NBA will allow players to sport jerseys with social justice, social cause or charity messages on their backs.

This plan is supposed to raise general awareness. However, this may not be enough. That’s what Travis suggests. He tweeted “No. More. Consolation. Prizes.”

This tweet came as a response to a post that advised basketball owners to force lawmakers to incite a bigger change.

LeBron James will deliver another message

This problem won’t disappear overnight. However, the NBA is doing a really good job to help players use their platform to share a message. Many view Adam Silver as the most progressive commissioner in American sports.

The NBA season will restard later in July, and the main priority is to keep everyone healthy. Players will finish the season in a bubble, and keeping them safe is important. However, this doesn’t change the fact that the NBA will try to raise awareness for the big cause.

We believe LeBron and other players will use the NBA restart to deliver an even bigger message. He won’t stay calm and do nothing. A lot of players share his thoughts and it will be really great to see them make a difference.

LeBron and the Los Angeles Lakers will hit the court with one main goal. To win games. They are super excited to win more games, and LeBron will do his best to win a title. This will be the first title LA will win in a long time. Kobe Bryant was the last superstar to win a title for the Lakers.