New England Patriots Legend Reveals Team’s Wonderlic IQ Test Requirement

What’s your opinion on the Wonderlic IQ test? Former Patriots offensive legend Dante Scarnecchia discussed the team’s requirements for the O-lineman. This includes the player’s physique and mental readiness. Scarnecchia also revealed what the Patriots look for in an O-lineman from intangible standpoint. He also discussed Wonderlic scores.

Scarnecchia won five Super Bowls with the Patriots. Tom Brady’s departure was the hottest topic these days, but Scarnecchia’s exit may give the Patriots even greater headache.

The Patriots legend has a different perspective

The former offensive line coach went on Sirius XM radio to discuss second-year quarterback Jarrett Stidham and other topics related to the team.

“They have to be smart enough,” the retired Patriots legend said of the prospect’s intelligence. “It’s hard to play with guys that aren’t mentally flexible at the line of scrimmage and don’t get the checks, and don’t understand that plays get packaged, so ‘if we don’t have this, we have to go to that.’ They have to be smart, so what does that equate to? I’m not saying everyone has to have a Wonderlic of over 30. I’m not saying they have to have a Wonderlic of over 20. But usually for us, kind of the defining line is 17, 18. Guys below that, we’ve found, the mistakes they made this week, they’re going to make them two weeks from now.”

The Patriots’ standards for the Wonderlic aren’t too high. Ben Watson retired, and he had one of the highest scores a player has ever hit. The tight end scored a 48. The 17 score is at the very bottom of the scale of a decent score.

Stidham scored a 27, and the GOAT had a 33. NFL Hall of Famer Dan Marino scored a 16.

Scarnecchia gave us a different point of view. The legendary coach follows the situation in New England, and he won’t give up on the team that made so much success. He coached for one of the best teams in league history.

The Patriots wil enter a challenging era. Brady won’t be part of it. He will be working with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this season.