New England Patriots Path to Signing Former Pro-Bowl WR Explained

The New England Patriots may be interested in signing a talented WR, and there’s a big storm of rumors in the NFL. Head coach Bill Belichick and the team have been linked with several top players, and a former Patriots player is related to the team again.

It’s Josh Gordon. The veteran wideout may return to the NFL, and some say he will join the organization that trusted his potential in 2019. The NFL suspended Gordon on multiple occasions for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy. At least one NFL experts has come up with the idea of seeing Gordon in New England.

Patriots’s salary cap expert Miguel Benzan talked about the possibility to see Gordon sign with the team. Is New England financially capable of getting Gordon? Fans have started asking questions and some of them received answers. But, is Belichick interested to coach the troubled player? Again?

The Patriots may not be interested in signing the WR

CLNS’ Evan Lazar talked about this during an episode of Patriots Press Pass. The question involved Gordon’s talent and commitment.

“I would say that it is a pretty big longshot for him [Gordon] to come back to the Patriots. The biggest thing last year was not necessarily that they didn’t know the suspension was coming. I actually think the biggest thing with Josh Gordon last year was that he wasn’t himself. He was kind of a shell of himself out there at times. He had clearly lost a step, maybe a step and a half in some of his vertical routes as well.

“I just think the team thought he just wasn’t that good anymore, quite frankly. They were looking to N’Keal Harry involved. They wanted him to hit the ground running. Knew that they wanted to give Gordon’s snaps in his role in the offense at the X-spot to Harry, as soon he came off of injured reserve. So there was really now reason to keep Gordon around, especially considering the biggest advocate for keeping him now plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.”

Lazar refers to quarterback Tom Brady. He has always supported talented wideouts who have had problems in their private life. He supported Randy Moss. TB12 also liked Antonio Brown, and he played really well with Gordon.

Head coach Belichick has a lot of young players, and he may not want to get Gordon this time.