Patriots Biggest Roster Need Heading Into 2020 Season

The New England Patriots packed their roster with talent, and they are more than ready to enter the 2020 NFL season. The team will be playing without star quarterback Tom Brady. He signed a deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and will stay on their team for at least two seasons. This leaves the Patriots with second-year quarterback Jarrett Stidham, veteran journeyman Brian Hoyer, and two undrafted free agents. The Patriots will have a new starting quarterback for the first time in two decades. We are used to seeing Brady take the leading role, but head coach Bill Belichick will soon replace him with another signal-caller.

Belichick will have to do some math regarding his upcoming season. Everything points to the fact that Stidham is ready to step in as a leader.

Truth is, Stidham has yet to unveil his full potential. He may be ready to take the new role, but he will definitelt have to show Belichick that he is the right player for that position.

The quarterback position is definitely the biggest need for the Patriots, and they have to make a decision. Hoyer can’t take the starting position, and Stidham doesn’t have enough experience. How will the Patriots cope with that? The offseason is progressing further toward the regular season and the clock is ticking.

Will the team select another signal-caller who can compete with Stidham this offseason? They are two main options in that aspect. They can sign former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton or add former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The latter played his last NFL season in 2016. Newton would have stayed with the Panthers. But, his injuries put an end to his sting. The former NFL MVP champion is healthy and he keeps sharing videos of his workouts. Maybe he is trying to show everyone that he is in perfect shape to hit the field again.

When it comes to Kaepernick, he can definitely challenge Stidham. He has great skills despite the fact that he hasn’t played football in several years. How will Belichick finish his equation?