Patriots Legend Dante Scarnecchia Gives His Take On Patriots’ Current OL Coaching Situation

Patriots Dante Scarnecchia had a big role in the success of New England. He joined the team in 1982 and worked for about two decades in numerous positions. Scarnecchia took over the offensive line in 1999 and held that role for a really long time. The 72-year-old officially put an end to his career at the end of the 2019 season. He won five Super Bowls with the team, and his success will always be remembered.

Mike Reiss from ESPN and Scarnecchia talked about his retirement and all the things he does right now. Scarnecchia also discussed the Patriots coaching situation and the Patriots offense. Cole Popovich and Carmen Bricillo will share the responsibilities in the 2020 season.

“They’re both really good coaches and both really good people. Very, very smart guys,” Scarnecchia said. “I know no one has been named, and there are reasons for that, but clearly those are the two guys that are going to do it, and I think they’ll do an outstanding job. The other thing is they know the players. It’s not like they’re new, coming in from the outside. They’ve both been around there — especially Cole, who has been in the system for five years. Carm for one.”

The Patriots will miss Dante Scarnecchia

New England has a really strong group. David Andrews missed the entire last season due to the blood clots in his lungs, and now he is coming back. Isiah Wynn showed Bill Belichick that he is the right player to join the Patriots. Popovich and Bricilo spent a lot of time with Scarnecchia and they learned so much in the past years. Although Scarnecchia is irreplaceable, these two will have great success with the team.

The Patriots will enter a highly-anticipating season. This will be their first season without Tom Brady and that would be the greatest obstacle New England will have in 2020. Jarrett Stidham is expected to start instead of Brady and he has all the talent Belichick needs to lead his team to another great season.
How will the Patriots handle Scarnecchia’s absence? Let’s wait and find out. This will be a big season for everyone.