Patriots New Quarterback Coach Has Interesting Connection to OJ Simpson Trial

New England Patriots quarterback coach Jedd Fisch has been part of the football world for decades. He went to law school and was sort of connected to the O.J. Simpson murder trial.

Fisch had incredible persistence, work ethic, and determination. This helped him become a big figure on the field. Fisch has a successful 23-year career. His traits led him to the courtroom, and he really wanted to soak up more information about the Simpson trial. Yes, he wanted to be a part of history. Fisch didn’t have a formal connection to the prosecution or the defense.

“He waited for the defense team to arrive, tailed five attorneys up the steps, entered the courthouse undetected, and strode with them into an elevator, where he was finally discovered,” Andrew Callahan from The Boston Herald reported. “Fisch rapidly explained himself, his journey, and desire to experience a slice of American history firsthand. He must have made a compelling case. Because at last, Fisch had what he wanted: a courtroom seat at the O.J. Simpson murder trial.”

The role of the Patriots quarterback coach in the upcoming season

This experience shaped his work ethic and career. It changed his approach. Fisch wanted to attain his goal and started off a full-time career.

“Fascinated by Simpson’s trial and the lawyers involved, Fisch told his father in July of ’95 he was flying to LA to sneak into the gallery,” Callahan added. “One week, two 4 a.m. taxi rides and several favors later, Fisch returned with motivational material for his future coaching career.”

Fisch told players that this OJ Simpson story added to his desire to go the extra mile. He hasn’t been part of a team for longer than three years, but yes, he can find a job really easily. Fisch has been part of 12 different college and NFL teams in his career. Former Baltimore Ravens head coach Brian Billick said Bill Belichick has actually been focused on getting Fisch for quite some time.

We all know that Belichick respects a person’s work ethic and talent. The Patriots head coach will probably make Fisch earn his trust first. He will have to coach second-year quarterback Jarrett Stidham after all. The Patriots will play without Tom Brady for the first time since 1999.