Patriots Running Back Named Among The Best Undrafted Rookie Signings In the NFL This Year

The New England Patriots had an excellent offensive backfield even before they signed J.J. Taylor as an undrafted rookie. Taylor will probably have to try really hard to make the roster and earn himself a spot. According to Pro Football Focus, the Patriots running back deserves a spot in the 15 best rookie free agent signings this year. He ranks at No. 6.

The Patriots have a talented running back

Ben Linsey had some really great words for the running back. Taylor better use this as a motivation to move on like a superstar.

“The “fun to watch” label gets thrown out a lot during draft season, but, man, Taylor is fun to watch. Coming in at 5-foot-5 and 185 pounds, Taylor has a legitimate hit stick. He has no fear running straight through defenders much larger than him. He also has some light feet and natural receiving ability that could make him a nice threat out of the backfield in New England. Compared to some of the running backs that came off the board as early as the second round (looking at you, A.J. Dillon) getting Taylor as an undrafted free agent is great value. The fit couldn’t be much better in New England, either, as he can learn from someone like James White.”

Taylor may not have the right size, but he is actually a productive player at Arizona. He is fast and his footwork is impressive. As part of a running back committee, Taylor had 148 carries for 721 yards and five touchdowns in 2019. Let’s not forget that this wasn’t his best season. In 2018, Taylor had a 255-carry 1,434-yard performance. He was able to find the end zone six times. Taylor has an excellent receiving experience which sort of explains why PFF had these great comments for him.

The Patriots have a roster packed with talent and they better use every bit of it. New England lost Tom Brady, Kyle Van Noy and a few other players, but Coach B selected a good group and the best has yet to come. The Patriots will try to do their best to win more games in the upcoming season.