Patriots Veteran Explains Why Bill Belichick Has Been Quiet Lately

Head coach Bill Belichick didn’t really say much in the past couple of weeks. He didn’t even do much. The entire nation protests against racial injustice and police brutality. Why is Bill Belichick so quiet? A Patriots veteran has an answer to all of your questions.

A lot of players, coaches and execs have spoken their mind on the current situation. Belichick has yet to make any type of statement. Some say he has been “conspicuously” quiet lately. Why is that?

A great number of celebrities have been protesting, and Belichick decided to stay out of the whole thing. Well, he didn’t do anything publicly. No one knows a thing about his behind-closed-doors activities. Patriots captain Matthew Slater talked about it, and he even believes that Belichick has a good reason to say this.

The Patriots veteran is right

Slater talked to NBC Sports Boston and said that his head coach needs this time to listen and talk to his players. He will talk to them all and then make a statement. Slater revealed that coach B talks to his players and learns from their experiences.

Belichick will soon make a statement on the problems we have at the moment. The entire nation has been protesting lately, and it all started with the death of George Floyd. The African-American died at the hands of the police, and his death caused outrage and chaos. Some protesters have turned violent, and they have been destroying private properties for weeks.

“I think he’s done a good job of trying to listen, trying to learn and hear from his players and try to navigate this as best as he can,” Slater said. “Look, I understand what his job is. His job is to coach the football team and get the football team ready to be successful, and nothing’s going to take his focus away from that… So I’m sure that he’ll continue to be open and receptive to us having dialogue. I’m thankful for what he has done thus far as far as that process is concerned, and we’ll just see how it goes as we press forward.”