Photos: Lakers’ Danny Green Joins Black Lives Matter March

Los Angeles Lakers guard Danny Green joined the Black Lives Matter march. A great number of NBA players have been protesting in the streets of the US after the death of George Floyd on May 25.

Thousands of protesters headed through Downtown L.A., from City Hall to the Hall of Justice, the Lakers guard protested Wednesday evening with Lakers coaching associate Jamal Boyking and “Inside the Green Room” co-host Harrison Sanford.

This was one of the many protests across the country. People are trying to get justice for Floyd and every other African-American who had the same destiny. Minneapolis police officers arrested Floyd and one of them pinned him to the ground. The former police officers put his knee on Floyd’s neck, pressing him to the ground. He was lying on the ground for almost nine minutes. The police officer was kneeling on his neck even after Floyd lost consciousness. The whole thing was caught on camera, and the police officers are fired. There’s an investigation into their involvement.

In Oakland on Wednesday, Golden State Warriors superstars Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson joined members of the franchise in the Walking in Unity protest. The march was organized by Golden State swingman Juan Toscano-Anderson and covered the area around Lake Merritt. That’s where the Warriors hold their championship parades and rallies.

A lot of NBA superstars took part in the protest. Former Lakers star Jordan Clarkson marched in the big city. Former Clippers star Tobias Harris marched in Philadelphia.

The Lakers guard joined his teammates on social media and shared the “If YOU ain’t with US, WE ain’t with Y’ALL” image. He also shared a black image on Blackout Tuesday.

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The situation is under control at the moment, but it can easily turn into a mess. Although authorities are trying to hold everything under control, some of the protests have turned violent.

The death of George Floyd triggered an avalanche of criticism against President Donald Trump for his inability to find a solution to the problem. According to many people, he made the whole problem even worse. Hopefully, the whole thing will have a peaceful ending.