Watch: Donovan Mitchell Recalls Witnessing LeBron James Announce ‘The Decision’

Donovan Mitchell and pretty much every other NBA player were shocked to hear that LeBron James wants to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and join the Miami Heat. It was a big decision, and LeBron made it ten years ago.

Yes, this year marks the 10-year anniversary of “The Decision” television special when King James announced he would be playing with the Heat. The Utah Jazz guard and many stars in today’s NBA world were chasing their dreams.

Mitchell was 13 back when LeBron said he was leaving the Cavs to play with the Heat. Let’s not forget that the production location was in Greenwich, Connecticut. That’s a few miles from where the Utah Jazz All-Star played basketball as a kid. Mitchell grew up in that area.

Donovan Mitchell remembers the move LeBron James made

Too many people criticized LeBron for making this choice. No one wanted to believe that he would leave his hometown team and play with another organization. LeBron was literally leaving his boydhood team to form “The Big Three.” To make things even worse, he made the announcement in front of everybody. A lot of people were hurt. It was made public. In front of everyone.

It was a “seminal moment” in league history. It definitely changed how today’s players market themselves and make decisions about their career. LeBron taught everyone a lesson. He gave players the courage they needed to make a move.

Donovan Mitchell and his team will try to dethrone King James and the Los Angeles Lakers. The NBA season will resume in Orlando in July. But, Mitchell will always remember his childhood dreams and the fact that he was just 13 when LeBron made a big move forward.

When it comes to LeBron, he is hoping to win a title with the Los Angeles Lakers. They are on top of the West, and they have all the talent they need to win the championship. The Lakers haven’t won a title in a really long time. LeBron hasn’t won a title since his time with the Cavaliers. Let’s see if he will be able to do this now. The Lakers have tons of talent on the roster.