Danny Green Burns LeBron James ‘LeChoke’ Narrative With 13-word Statement

Remember when LeBron James was labeled as a choker? The kid from Akron had the “LeChoke” tag on his back for shying away or coming up short in the clutch. Well, LeBron had a few big mistakes in his career and then won the first championship in the 2011-12 season with the Miami Heat. Did the great LeBron James change the narrative?

In the past decade, LeBron has led his teams to eight straight NBA Finals appearances from 2011 to 2018. He had a lot of brilliant moments in this decade. His choking narrative was dormant. Remember what happened in 2016? LeBron helped the Cleveland Cavaliers win their first title.

LeBron James changed the narrative

Lakers star Danny Green had a great message for all the haters out there. He called out all the doubters who say that LeBron is not the GOAT.

“He’s a clutch guy. He shows up when the lights are the brightest,” he said.

LeBron’s playoffs points per game average rank fifth in league history. He is the league leader in postseason Win Shares with 51.0. That’s about 12 ahead of Michael Jordan’s 39.76. you can’t underestimate that.

LeBron will lead his team to the top, and this will happen for the first time since joining the Lakers in 2018. The Lakers have the top seed in the West and they have the best record. The king is in his 17th NBA season and he is 35. But, this didn’t stop him from winning games and helping the Lakers win the top seed in the West.

In the first seeding game, LeBron and his team defeated the Clippers 103-101. It was a big win and LeBron pulled out his magic wand in the final moments of the game. It was a big spectacle, and Lakers fans want to see more of that. That’s why Jeannie Buss and Magic Johnson brought LeBron in Los Angeles. That’s why the king became a Laker. He is ready to win his first ring as a member of the Lakers family. The team hasn’t made the playoffs in a really long time.