Dwight Howard Calls Out NBA Players Who Snitched on Him for Not Wearing Mask

Some players didn’t like the fact that Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard is not wearing his protective face mask inside the Orlando bubble. The superstar was snitched on for not wearing his mask. Well, some fans criticized him for the same thing. They even said that Howard actually snitched on himself. He has shared so many videos and people reacted.

Well, Howard took notice of this, and he had to say something. The Lakers big man said he didn’t think it was necessary for him to wear a mask while he was alone. Players shouldn’t have reported him because he was all by himself. The talented player said that he believes there are more important topics to focus on.

“It was pointless for somebody to tell that I didn’t have a mask on by myself,” Howard said during a video conference call with media members. “I don’t even know when this would’ve happened. I just think everybody’s making a big deal out of it. But I feel like we’re in the safest place in Orlando. We get tested every day. So we’re only around each other.”

Dwight Howard does not feel like wearing a mask all the time

Howard believes it’s safe for him and others to move around without a mask. “I personally don’t see a risk of us getting it during the time period that we’re here,” he said. “We’re not allowed to leave the bubble. We’re only around each other every day. I just feel like it would be pointless for somebody to say anything.

“I understand outside of this bubble, wearing a mask in different places is very important. So I wouldn’t say that it’s not needed. But since we are here in this bubble and we’re the only ones here, and the staff and everyone is getting tested every day, I feel like we’re safe.”

Howard mentioned the indiscretion during an Instagram Live session Wednesday. Lakers head coach Frank Vogel said that players and coaches are required to wear their masks in and around the hotel lobby.

A few players have called the league’s campus hotline. Houston’s Bruno Caboclo and Sacramento’s Richaun Holmes had to spend more days in quarantine after leaving Disney.

Howard encouraged everyone to focus on the more important topics. He brought the death of Breonna Taylor. Louisville police officers shot the unarmed 26-year-old African American woman. She didn’t carry a gun. Howard hopes to see the situation resolved in the near future.