Dwight Howard Dishes Hot Take on Why 2020 NBA Champion Will be so Deserving

A great number of basketball players have discussed the NBA return and the situation inside the Orlando bubble. Some players didn’t approve of the idea of going back, adding that everyone should be more focused on social injustice and racism. Los Angeles Lakers superstar Dwight Howard shared his take on 2020 and the potential winner.

According to him, this season is the hardest campaign of the league because of the tough circumstances.

“Whoever wins this year, they deserve a championship because this is the hardest season of the NBA,” the Lakers center said. “Nobody can put an asterik on it. Whoever wins for real, I can speak it to extistence, this is going to be the toughest NBA season.”

Other players support Dwight Howard and his take on the 2020 champion

Many other NBA players said the same. They all agree with Howard. This will be the toughest challenge in league history.

Houston Rockets guard Austin Rivers has already spoken on this issue. Players will face serious circumstances. We are in the middle of a pandemic and the US deals with social unrest. Millions of people have been protesting in the streets. Many basketball players joined the protests.

“I think whoever wins should have an asterisk next to it, but only for it being one of the toughest championships ever won,” Rivers said. “You’re asking guys to take three to four months off, then come back and find chemistry, etc., and then play during a pandemic, all while players are fighting for BLM. There’s a lot going on right now. Crazy times and a lot of worry. And during these times, players are leaving their families to go live in a locked-down bubble. So for all these reasons and more, I think it will be one of the tougher championships ever won. Only season like this EVER.”

Teams will have to work really hard. They have been off the court for four months. The first few games will be full of obstacles and challenges.

Howard and his team are the best team in the West. The Lakers defeated their city rivals and also smashed Giannis’ Milwaukee Bucks. Impossible is nothing, and players have to be prepared for the upcoming challenge.

All 22 NBA teams are getting ready for the NBA resumption. Players travelled to Orlando and will stay there for a few months. The league introduced special guidelines and players have to follow the rules.

The 2019-20 season will be full of challenges and the Lakers will meet their city rivals on July 30. This will be the first game of the resumption.