Here’s Where Patriots’ Bill Belichick Lands on NFL’s Best General Managers Ranking

Bill Belichick is easily the best head coach the NFL has ever seen. But, where does the great Bill Belichick land with his general managers ranking? Is Coach B the best general manager?

Belichick has a huge role in the Patriots organization and owners respect his word. He has a big say in roster moves. Belichick has been part of the team for two decades, and he has had great success. Everyone knows that Belichick has the sharpest eye for talent, and that’s what makes him a legendary coach. His portfolio says it all. coach Belichick has 17 AFC East titles, nine AFC championships and six Lombardi Trophies. Nothing beats his talent and his greatness. Belichick is the GOAT.

So, why do some people criticize him for missing on high draft picks or signing free agents with low stats? Belichick received an unhealthy dose of criticism this offseason. He let Tom Brady go to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and some fans didn’t like it at all. They said that the head coach should have tried harder to keep the GOAT on the roster. TB12 left the Patriots after two decades. What did Belichick do? He signed two undrafted free agents and Cam Newton.

Bill Belichick has the best general managers ranking

Rotoworld’s Patrick Daugherty has Belichick at No.1 on his most recent list. This means Belichick ranks among the top general managers in the NFL. Impressive, right?

“Belichick is not perfect, especially as a general manager,” Daugherty explained. “His roster failings are often wielded against him as a weapon, as if he is supposed to bat 1.000. A GM who does not make frequent, annual mistakes is a GM who does not exist. It is how you work around them that bakes the cake. Belichick left himself undermanned on offense last season. How did he compensate? By putting together the best defense of his entire tenure in New England. Belichick never focuses on what he doesn’t have. He takes his best shot at putting together a 53-man roster then molds and manipulates it as needed. It’s never flawless, but there are no excuses. Only Bill.”

Daugherty also mentioned Belichick’s move to get Cam Newton for the veteran minimum. Every NFL team passed on Newton, and the Patriots signed him to a one-year deal. Of course, the veteran has to stay healthy to finish the season and get his $7.5 million.