Julian Edelman Reacts To Cam Newton’s New Workout Video

New England Patriots veteran Julian Edelman had his workout with newly-acquired quarterback Cam Newton. The former Carolina Panthers quarterback shared a video of their workout. It looks like these two work really well together. Edelman is wasting no time to get to work. He has a new working buddy, and from what we can see, he was running a route and then connected with Newton on a pass.

Right after Newton posted the video, Edelman shared it to his Instagram stories and added a couple of emojis. Well, he likes his teammate. Edelman definitely likes this workout and Newton’s style.

This is Edelman’s first workout with Newton since the quarterback signed his deal with Bill Belichick’s team on July 8. Newton is building a strong connection with his teammate. He has already quoted the veteran wideout while studying the team’s playbook. Take a look at these two and you will see that they have so much to offer. The Patriots nation is looking forward to see more of that.

Julian Edelman enjoyed his workout with Cam Newton

Newton and Edelman have so much to prove in 2020. The quarterback is pretty vocal about the disrespect he faced following his departure from Carolina. He couldn’t sign a deal with another team for a few months and everything changed with the Patriots contacted his agent.

In a roundtable discussion with other superstars, Newton said he has circled some games on Belichick’s schedule that feature organizations that showed no interest in signing him this offseason.

Edelman is trying to move on from Tom Brady’s departure from New England. There are doubters who say that he is just a product of the GOAT. Edelman is more than that and he knows it. He leaves no room for excuses and he is going after his next Super Bowl MVP award.

It will be more than brilliant to see the veterans on the field in September. They have so much to work on in training camp, and Newton has to earn his spot on the roster. Many analysts agree that he will be a starter. But, the only thing we can do right now is sit and wait for Belichick’s next move.