Julian Edelman Wishes His Sister A Happy Birthday With Never-Before-Seen Childhood Photos

New England Patriots wideout Julian Edelman wished his sister Nicole a very happy birthday. The veteran wideout found the perfect way to surprise his sister, and these childhood photos are the perfect gift.

We bet Nicole will love the pics of her early childhood. Oh, she was a fan of football. It looks like Nicole and Jules had the perfect brother-sister relationship. They are really close, and his sister is one of the best supporters Edelman will ever have. That’s what family is all about. Right?

Edelman was born to his parents Frank and Angela on May 22, 1986. He has a brother, Jason, and yes, Edelman is an uncle of three little girls. He really loves his nieces.

Julian Edelman enjoys great support from his brother and sister

When it comes to family and support, Edelman got the best support from his father Frank. His father is the person Edelman looks up to. In one of his interviews with ESPN, Edelman used the connection he has with his father to define real friendship. They are best friends.

Edelman is the middle child. His older brother gives him a hard time and their mother actually finds this funny. Edelman and Jason have always been really close. According to the proud mom, they are even closer now. After every game Edelman plays, he calls his parents and then his brother to “check in” and say he feels great. This doesn’t change the fact that Edelman and his brother fought a lot. On one occasion, Jason took his younger brother to school and made him jump off the roof. Julian did what he had to do. He would do whatever Jason said. The Patriots veteran is really tough and he was really great after the jump. Edelman jumped into some bushes. Wonder why? He wanted to impress Jason. He wanted to be better than his brother. Jason is seven years older than Julian, but the wideout competed with his brother and everyone else. That’s how he became this great.

Edelman is getting ready for another brilliant year, and this will be his first season without Tom Brady. Well, he doesn’t need a quarterback to practice and he sure has so much to offer.