Kemba Walker’s LeBron James Story Highlights What Makes NBA Bubble Unique

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers are inside the NBA bubble in Orlando, Florida, and they are getting ready for the big challenge. The bubble is a lot different than anything NBA players have had in the past decades. What do they think about this? Players from 22 teams will compete on the campus of Walt Disney World.

Teams will play eight “seeding” games before 16 teams meet in a hot postseason. Walt Disney will give players different circumstances. In normal conditions, rivals don’t even meet throughout the postseason. This time, they live in the same area and meet each other all the time.

LeBron James is comfortable inside the NBA bubble

In a recent interview with Taylor Rooks from Bleacher Report, Boston Celtics guard Kemba Walker talked about the life inside the bubble. He shared a random encounter with King James. Jayson Tatum was also there.

“Whenever you go downstairs, you’re going to see somebody,” Walker told Rooks. “Like, the other night, me and JT were walking to get some food and we saw ‘Bron. We saw ‘Bron, J.R. (Smith), Jared Dudley and (Kyle) Kuz(ma). It’s very rare to see ‘Bron walking by himself and being comfortable. Like, I was telling somebody that he probably hasn’t done that since he was nine years old: being able to be so comfortable just walking around and not worrying about people coming up to him and being bothered asking for something. Now he’s just regular, you know? Not regular, but he’s able to be comfortable and walk around comfortably, so I think that’s pretty cool.”

Ready for the challenge

Walker may be right. The Orlando bubble is all about players, coaches, team staffers and a small group of media members. Basketball superstars are free to move around without getting stuck in big crowds. They all live a normal life here without the pressure “outside world” applies.

You don’t really get to see LeBron walking freely in the streets. This time, it’s pretty different than anything you have ever seen.

Inside the bubble, players have the same off-court experience. They will have to get used to the bubble life. Some of them will have to stay inside for quite some time.

LeBron and his Lakers are considered favorites to win the title. The three-time NBA champion leads the league in assists. Lakers big man Anthony Davis leads the Lakers in points. These two can make wonders in Orlando. They have already put the team on top of the Western Conference.