Lakers Fans Blast Man Who Burns LeBron James & Anthony Davis Jerseys

The Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James and Anthony Davis jerseys were burned. Why, you may ask? Some people can’t enjoy the fact that there are sports for the first time in almost 5 months.

This has been an ongoing argument among sports fans. Should the players be allowed to voice their political options on the court as well as off? Apparently, some people think it should be neither.

James Berry took to Facebook to burn the jerseys of LA Lakers stars LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Most fans agreed that this fan was in the wrong. In fact, he is literally burning his own money here. This is not really a sign of intelligence.

Some took it to a new level, however.

“Your dumb and ignorant af we dont need your dumb ass as a fan burn your hands next time” said one of the comments that blasted the poster. Another one told him that “there are easier ways to let people know you are an idiot but okay.”

Lakers Fans Blast Man Who Burns LeBron James & Anthony Davis Jerseys

For the most part, people disagreed with the showing. They agreed that it was the wrong way to go about your opinion. The United States has been having this argument for quite a few months now. It seems like it has now taken to the NBA court. This could mean a few different things for the fans.

Some might now agree, but the players are going to protest in what they believe in. There is no way around that. It is best to just look past that and watch some NBA basketball for the first time in 5 months.

So far, after their first game, the Lakers are looking very good. They took down their town rivals, the Los Angeles Clippers last night. This was exciting as many people thought they might take a step back after the break.

It seems like most of the people around the Lakers agree that this guy was in the wrong for burning those jerseys. But at the same time, he got his moment in fame so both sides should be ready to go.