Lakers’ LeBron James Under Attack For Not Commenting On China Abuses

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers are working hard to get back on track after a 4 month hiatus from basketball. Now that the NBA is back in its bubble, teams are looking to get back to competing at the highest level. But that doesn’t come without some distractions. This has been proven with yet another LeBron James and China story.

James is getting blasted by folks on his silence regarding the NBA and China situation. This started last season, with some things being said about the Hong Kong riots that they disagreed with. As a result, China banned pretty much anything to do with the NBA in the entire country.

LeBron is typically very outspoken on social issues that come up. This makes it all the more interesting that he has yet to respond to these allegations. It has come out that some NBA affiliated youth basketball camps are abusing the camp goers.

Many people, including Clay Travis, find this a bit hypocritical.

“For many people, myself included…the idea that the NBA is quote on quote a woke social justice warrior league, yet they are taking billions of dollars from China, is an inherent hypocrisy that the league has to address in some way.”

This is a really tough situation for those involved. The NBA does rely someone on Chinese money that is poured into the league. Therefore, their hands are a bit tied with what they can say and do. Do they say something and risk losing the money? Or would it be better to bite their tongue?

Many people on Twitter think the NBA is dropping the ball on their non-response.

This all started after ESPN broke the story. It points towards the NBA not only being silent but even covering it up completely.

It will be very interesting to see how the NBA and LeBron James respond to this pretty harsh criticism. It isn’t an easy situation for anyone involved. As a result, it might be awhile before we see anything come out of it.

What do you think the NBA and LeBron should do?