Lakers Player Posts Video Of Intense Workout To Excite Fans Ahead of NBA’s Restart

The Los Angeles Lakers have already arrived in Orlando, Florida, to enter the NBA bubble. Players have entered their respective rooms and we all got to watch JR Smith’s videos about the food and the staying arrangements. Let’s move on to another veteran. Rajon Rondo is 34 years old sure has a nice shape and we can’t ignore that. The Lakers have an intense workout, and they are ready to win.

Rondo has seen an incredible transformation during the pandemic and it looks like he is a lot stronger. Earlier this week, superstar LeBron James reacted to Rondo’s videos. LeBron will get a strong teammate, and he better use that in 2020.

The Lakers player shares an intense workout video

The 2008 NBA champion shared another video which is even more aggressive than the previous one. Is ‘aggressive’ the real word? We can see the big Rondo boxing with trainer Josh Martinez and yes, his workout session is pretty intense. What can you say about Rondo’s physique? He looks ripped. Take a look at him. Some say he looks like a professional boxer. We can see Rondo throwing some heavy punches. “New Hobby,” reads the caption.

ESPN’s Dave McMenamin recently went on ESPN LA 710’s “Mason & Ireland,” and provided an update on Rondo’s readiness to win games.

“If we want to keep going with this hype machine, I had a source tell me that, within the last week — seeing Rajon Rondo — quote, unquote, “He looks like he’s 21 years old again. So, there is some positive momentum to this conversation.”

So, LeBron has shredded Rondo and his former teammate. Anthony Davis is here, too. Adding Smith was a really big move, and the Lakers will use every bit of his talent to win games.

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New Hobby 👊🏾 @josh_tmm 🥊

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Smith hadn’t been around the league for a while and he is definitely a strong player. The Lakers need his skillset to win the title.

LeBron always turns on his beast mode and he is ready for some serious basketball. This will be his fourth title, and yes, LeBron will keep his promise. He promised to win a title with the team. Davis, Rondo, Smith and other players will make this happen.