LeBron James NBA Rookie Card Trumps Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant’s Collectibles

Collectibles are quite a thing now, and having one makes fans feel special. A great number of people collect souvenirs, and yes, most of them are willing to spend millions to get them. Let’s just say that the LeBron James rookie card is priceless, and giving out a million seems reasonable. Yes, it may be a lifeless object for you, but NBA/LeBron fans really like it. a lot of people want to have it.

LeBron’s 2003-04 Topps Cavs Rookie Card is making headlines these days. It’s not the only card that was up for the auction. However, it’s definitely the most in-demand. There were so many other timeless souvenirs on display.

The auction offered a 1996-97 Kobe Bryant Rookie Card, Michael Jordan/Kobe Bryant/LeBron James’ triple signed Basketball, Kobe Bryant’s Rookie year Golden jersey and shorts, Mamba’s used and worn Nike Zoom VII sneakers, and many other items. There are a lot of offers, and the highest bid will win.

The LeBron James rookie card may hit the highest bidding

Goldin Auctions explains that the card has several features that can be used as a perfect excuse for all the hype. LeBron’s card has a logo patch detached from the king’s Rookie year jersey. Thousands of people would love to own the piece. Let’s not forget that the card is in brilliant condition. Yes, there are a few stains, but it’s one of the best King James collectibles a fan can own these days.

TMZ reported that the rookie card has surpassed the $1 million benchmark. Some say it will go as high as $2 million. LeBron is about to win his fourth title and that adds more hype to the whole thing.

The rookie card opened the bid at $150K. The 2000 Kobe Bryant LA Lakers Championship Ring stands at $122K. It may go as high as $250K or slightly higher.

Jordan’s items never passed the $1 million benchmark. In other words, leBron’s collectibles hit the highest price. People all around the world want a piece of his history and someone is willing to pay a million to own the king’s rookie card. Let’s see how high will the bidding go. What’s your prediction on this one?