LeBron James Reacts To Bronny Calling Steph Curry His Dad

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James took notice of the comments his son Bronny made about Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry. Bronny did an Instagram live session and one person asked who his father was. LeBron’s son said, “Steph Curry.” This was a rather interesting joke, and Bronny did cause a stir online on Thursday. I mean, he said the Warriors star point guard was his dad.

The king of basketball noticed the comment and his name popped in the comments section. He couldn’t hold his laughter. We can imagine his reaction.

LeBron and his Los Angeles Lakers are getting ready for the season restart. NBA players will travel to Orlando, Florida and they will finish the season in the bubble. The Lakers have the top seed in the Western Conference. This will give them a real chance to win the title. Who is the first team to confront the king and his squad? The city rivals. The Los Angeles Clippers will meet LeBron’s team on July 30.

Kawhi and the Clippers will try to win more games, but they can’t go against LeBron James and his squad.

Let’s not forget that LeBron and his guys defeated the Milwaukee Bucks right before the NBA suspension. LeBron showed everyone that he doesn’t even think of losing games. He showed everyone that winning games is the first thing that pops in his mind whenever he enters the arena.

Bronny will support his dad LeBron James, not Steph Curry

The Lakers have the best record in the West, and they will move on like the best team in the league. Let’s see what happens in the next few weeks. Players will arrive in Orlando, hoping that everything works well at the end. This is a rather challenging experience for everyone. LeBron doesn’t mind playing without an audience. The same applies to each and every basketball player. The only thing they worry about is winning games and the championship.

Bronny will probably spend the next few months with his fingers crossed. He wants his dad to win, and he is his greatest supporter. The James family has so much to celebrate later this year.