LeBron James Reacts to His Ultra-Rare Rookie Card Selling for $1.8 Million

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James hit yet another record with his rookie card. Well, we all know that LeBron likes to break records. His rookie card is the priciest basketball memorabilia someone has ever paid for. Would you buy LeBron’s rookie card for $1.8 million? If yes, LeBron has something to say about it.

LeBron’s reaction was incredible. He took notice of the big news, and the response was hilarious.

“Guess who else has a couple of those exact ones too,” he wrote.

The rookie card was sold for $1.8 million and that’s a big price. Of course, it still fell short of the most any sports card has been sold for. The record belongs to baseball legend Honus Wagner. His card was sold for over $3million.

Cards featuring the four-time MVP have gained higher value throughout the years. King James plays his best basketball and he is in his 17th season. LeBron is 35 and he doesn’t even show any signs of aging. Many would agree that LeBron is in his primetime and he is about to win his fourth championship.

LeBron James wins the top with his rookie card prior to the NBA resumption

Doubters say that LeBron is not in his best years, adding that he is not as explosive as he used to be a decade ago. LeBron is here to prove them wrong, and he is here to take the Lakers to the top.

The Lakers haven’t won a title since the 2010 season. Late Lakers legend Kobe Bryant helped the team win a championship and that’s it. They haven’t won a title since Kobe’s time. LeBron is here to change that.

King James is averaging 25.7 points per game and his tops the list of NBA assists for the season. LeBron has the best record at 10.6, and this is more than beneficial for the Lakers.

The four-time NBA champion has entered the Orlando bubble and he is ready for the season resumption. The Lakers sit on top of the West, and Anthony Davis will increase the team’s chance of winning a championship. Let’s see what happens in the next few months. Kawhi Leonard and his Clippers are the first team to meet LeBron on July 30.