LeBron James Reveals What Jersey Will Say, Makes Message Goal Clear

The NBA season will resume now, and basketball players are still concerned about the problems with social justice. Many players don’t want the NBA to return because they believe that the game will distract us from social activism. The NBA made a few changes to allow players to deliver the messages they like. They were given a chance to wear a message on the back of the jersey instead of wearing their last names. Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has something to say about this, and he talked about the jersey message he will deliver.

Well, LeBron won’t really wear a message on his uniform. What made him say this?

“I actually didn’t go with a name on the back of my jersey,” LeBron said. “It’s no disrespect to the list that was handed out to all the players. I commend anyone that decides to put something on the back of their jersey. It’s just something that didn’t seriously resonate with my mission, with my goal. I would have loved to have a say so on what would have went on the back of my jersey. I had a couple things in mind but I wasn’t part of that process and that’s okay.”

Many of LeBron’s teammates have shared their plans. They will wear a message on their back. What will LeBron do? He will wear his last name. That’s all.

LeBron James will use his jersey to deliver a message

LeBron will use his time in Orlando to work on social justice causes. However, basketball is his primary focus, and he has a goal. LeBron will do the impossible to win a title, and he confirmed that in his interview.

“I’m here for one goal and one goal only and that’s to win a championship,” the three-time NBA champion revealed.

LeBron and his teammates are on top of the West, and the king has a chance to win his fourth title. many would agree that LeBron is the best basketball player of all time. He has a few more seasons to play, and he better use them well.

The NBA will try really hard to keep everyone safe and healthy. Most players have arrived in Orlando, and the NBA will enforce their strict safety guidelines.

“I believe the NBA and Adam Silver took all precautionary measures to make sure that we as a league are as safe as we can be,” LeBron said. “Obviously there can be things that can happen, but we’ll cross that line if it happens. We’re doing everything from a league, from every franchise, to make sure everyone stays safe during COVID-19, during this pandemic.”

We don’t really have enough details of the new procedures. LeBron has done his best to keep himself healthy.

I’m here 100 percent, in great health, and I’m looking forward to getting back on the floor,” he said.