LeBron James Sends Warning To His Rivals Ahead of the Season’s Restart

The 2019-20 NBA season will resume in the Orlando bubble, and 22 teams will try to make the playoffs. The Los Angeles Lakers belong to this group thanks to their impressive record. LeBron James’ team sits on top of the West, and they have a real chance to win the big game. Well, the king of basketball has a big warning for everyone. We all know what happens when LeBron plays important games. He turns his beast mode on and wins the game in the final seconds. LeBron James has a warning for everyone.

Before the NBA hiatus, LeBron and his teammates were winning games. They won the game against the Milwaukee Bucks. Giannis Antetokounmpo had no chance against the king. The Lakers also defeated the Clippers. Anthony Davis was the best addition to the team, and LeBron works really well with him on the floor. Davis is the support LeBron needed to win games. He is not the only superstar to lead the team to a win. Pretty much every Lakers player sharpened their skills and bodies. Just take a look at Rajon Rondo! Rondo used the break to return to the field in the perfect shape.

LeBron James delivers a warning

Let’s go back to LeBron’s warning. He is 35 and his numbers are still high. His rivals should take this warning seriously. LeBron is serious and he is ready to win his fourth title.

“Almost time to come out of the Cryogenic Tank and get back to destroying whoever in front of me. Be Aware!” It looks like LeBron uses his account to deliver messages with deep meaning. His opponents better get ready for him and his mood.

We all know that LeBron is the greatest of all times. Well, the greatest of all times is ready to cement himself in that position. LeBron has won three titles, and he is about to win his fourth. The Lakers are moving on with all the talent they can get. Hopefully, they will be able to defeat all the rivals on their way.

The Clippers are the first team on their list. Will Kawhi Leonard have the strength to oppose the king?