LeBron James Shares Bittersweet Message as He Heads to Bubble

NBA players are making their way to the bubble in Orlando. Some of them are already there, getting ready for the season resumption. Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is now heading to Orlando, and he used the chance to deliver a message. LeBron will arrive in Orlando right on time, but he won’t go home in the next few months. Yes, the three-time NBA champion reminded everyone of the sacrifice he will have to make. The same applies to every player and coach in Orlando.

LeBron James delivers bittersweet message

King James will really miss his wife and kids. He will miss his close friends and dear people. But, let’s not forget that he had some extra time for his family. In the past few months, LeBron and other NBA players stayed at home with their families. The lockdown gave them a lot of free time, and LeBron used it to work out and have fun with the James gang. Being away from home for so long will be really hard for the Lakers superstar. But, he has to go and hopefully, win a title with the team.

This leads us all the way to the GOAT debate. LeBron and Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan are the main characters in that play. Some say LeBron is the GOAT. Others praise Jordan. Well, former NBA player Kenny Smith says LeBron is No.10 on his top 10 list.

“LeBron James is in my top 10, but he’s 10 possibly,” Smith said on the Load Management podcast. “It’s so much easier to score now that it makes it hard to judge guys’ ability. It’s so easy to score. I was a good scorer. I wasn’t even a great scorer. I averaged 17 points per game. In that year, I probably would’ve averaged 26 or 25. But for me, it’s my opinion, he’s not in the top five of all-time.”

Skip Bayless rushed to support him, saying that LeBron is probably No.9. This was a low hit, but LeBron doesn’t mind any of that. He is used to this attitude from Bayless. Smith surprised a lot of fans, and they put the Internet on fire.