LeBron James Shares His Excitement Seeing His Teammate’s Physique Ahead Of NBA Return

NBA teams were able to have their socially distanced workout a few weeks ago. A lot of players were looking forward to the NBA return. This would give them a chance to win the title. Many players hope to win the big game, including the king of basketball. LeBron James is super ready for the NBA return, and he plans to make a big splash. The king is back on the floor and his workouts are insane. In the last few sessions, LeBron worked out with JR Smith and Anthony Davis.

The three-time NBA champion has plenty of time to share some fresh info to his accounts. He is pretty active on Instagram. In one of his most recent posts, we can see Rajon Rondo doing his magic. Sports Illustrated shared a video of Rondo’s workout. The caption read, “Rondo is looking yoked!”

Oh, you can’t just ignore that physique. Rondo is 23 and he looks shredded. Insanely shredded. He is serious about this return and he won’t go home without a big win. Rondo’s body is amazing and his shape made fans ask questions. Is he serious? You can bet he is. From what we can see, Rondo has lost some of his body fat. Well, he used the quarantine to carve his body to perfection. We are glad he did that.

LeBron James and his teammates look forward to the NBA return

Toned Rondo feels super awesome and we all feel better now. We are relieved. Rondo gives us hope. King James took notice of his physique and he shared the video on his Instagram story. “Playoff Doe on the way!!!” he wrote and tagged his toned teammate.

Things look really great for the Lakers. Avery Bradley won’t join his team in the bubble in Orlando, Florida. This gave head coach Frank Vogel a big headache, but he added JR Smith and everything is fine now. Dwight Howard confirmed his presence, and yes, we can’t wait for the NBA season to resume. It’s showtime, everyone! The Lakers are back in the game.

LeBron promised to win a title, and it looks like he will get all the help he can get from his teammates.