Mohamed Sanu Shows Determination to Improve With Interesting

The New England Patriots gave up on a second-round pick to get Mohamed Sanu and his determination to win. The star wideout was a nice fit for Bill Belichick’s team. However, Sanu didn’t have the best debut with the Patriots. It was a disappointing start with his new team. But, the superstar will use this as a motivation to make better plays. ESPN’s Mike Reiss reported that Sanu is now working with a full-time coach.

The coach will live with Sanu this offseason and they will have a non-stop offseason work. Let’s talk about motivation!

Drew Lieberman is a Wesleyan alum. He has been part of the Rutgers football program for nine years. He left the job and started off his business, The Sideline Hustle.

Fans are impressed with Mohamed Sanu and his strong determination

New England had great expectations for Sanu. In his debut with the team, Sanu recorded just 26 catches for 207 yards and one touchdown in nine games. The wideout averaged a career-low 8.0 yards per catch with the team.

2019 was a bad year for Sanu. He sustained an ankle injury in Week 11 against the Philadelphia Eagles. He recovered quickly but the injury affected his performance for the rest of the season. The wideout had an offseason surgery to fix his ankle and his recovery is impressive.

Sanu has been working out with newly-acquired quarterback Cam Newton. The workout took place in California, and they both claim it was a coincidence. Sanu didn’t waste his time. He worked out with Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer too. If Sanu and Newton build a strong relationship, they can easily make the best duo in the NFL. The Patriots need this, and they need both Sanu and Newton in perfect condition. The veterans sustained a lot of injuries and they better stay healthy in 2020.

Sanu enters the final year of his $32.5 million deal. He has to try really hard to get another big deal in his professional career. The Patriots will probably need him around. But, he has to work hard to secure his spot in New England.

Who will throw passes to Sanu? Stidham? Maybe the former Carolina Panthers quarterback will get the job.