NBA’s Last Two Minute Report Shows 3 Major Blunders Refs Made Against Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers pulled out a nice win in the first seeding game inside the Orlando bubble. But, some analysts believe the Lakers would have claimed a win much more convincingly. Yes, some analysts took notice of the blunders refs made against LeBron James and the Lakers. The Lakers nation celebrated a big win and King James and his teammates showed everyone that the power lies in their hands.

The Last Two Minute Report, Kawhi Leonard and the Clippers got away with some infractions that would have given their city rivals more chances to finish the game without an obstacle. This report also suggests that LeBron didn’t actually foul Clippers’ Paul George during the game-winning shot. Kawhi should have been called for a travel and a kick ball. Marcus Morris Sr. should have been called for a personal foul guarding the three-time NBA champion.

Analysts noticed the blunders refs made against the Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron and his teammates finished the game with a win in the back-and-forth battle. It was a beautiful 103-101 win. Lakers big man Anthony Davis led the Lakers with his 34 points, and LeBron led the team across the finish line with clutch plays on both ends of the floor.

The superstar gave the Lakers the lead when he snatched his own rebound and converted his clutch layup with 12 seconds left on the clock.

A few seconds later, LeBron locked down both Kawhi and George to finish the game with a win. The king of basketball sealed the win and rolled over Kawhi and George.

If the Clippers won the first seeding game, the Last Two Minute Report would have surely made Lakers fans angry. Well, LeBron didn’t let this happen and led his team to a win. Thursday was a big day for the Lakers, and they are already getting ready for the next game.

LeBron and his teammates are off to another tough game. Playing against the defending champion Toronto Raptors will be another big challenge and we believe that King James is ready for his big move. The Lakers are determined to win, and they won’t go home without their title.