Patriots’ Cam Newton Pays Tribute to Kobe Bryant With Amazing Gift to Friend

New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton surprised his friend with an amazing Kobe Bryant gift. The veteran signal-caller honored the Black Mamba, and many would agree that he knows how to pick the right gift. Newton had to surprise his friend who happens to be a connoisseur of art and a fan of the Lakers legend. Oh, this was the best of all surprises.

In a recent Instagram video, the quarterback shared a short story of the amazing Kobe Bryant gift and the impressive artwork in his home. Do you know that he also owns a Muhammad Ali painting?

Newton unveiled the brilliant Bryant painting and his friend’s response was more than surprising.

It’s an amazing artwork and we don’t really know if it’s a pencil drawing or a painting. Artists are more familiar with the style. However, one thing stands for sure. This person did a really good job and their talent is more than obvious.

Cam Newton and other athletes honor Kobe Bryant

This is an excellent piece and it reminded us of the tragic loss. Athletes and fans still try to find a way to deal with the loss. Kobe died six months ago, and the world still grieves.

Kobe’s death was one of the earliest dark moments that have shocked the world in 2020. The Lakers legend was traveling with his daughter Gigi and seven other people on January 26. The helicopter crushed outside Los Angeles and there are no survivors.

NBA players will continue Kobe’s legacy. He was a true inspiration and role model to many young athletes. He was a competitive professional who wanted to teach others. Kobe wasn’t selfish and he even worked with young talents. His daughter Gigi followed his footsteps. Sadly, the talented girl didn’t get a chance to enter the world of basketball in college.

Many athletes have honored Kobe in their own unique way. Lakers superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis got tattoos. Shaquille O’Neal’s son did the same. Fans wrote songs and artists worked on their masterpieces for hours. Kobe was a true legend and the world will never forget him.