Patriots’ Cam Newton Shares Expletive-Filled Post About ‘Tired Of Being Humble’

The New England Patriots got Cam Newton and he came in town for his physical. Well, the veteran quarterback is fed up with some of the attitudes he has been receiving lately. The former Carolina Panthers quarterback has agreed to sign a one-year deal with the team. His deal is packed with incentives, and Newton is the right fit for the Patriots right now. The great Cam Newton used his Instagram account to deliver a message, and now he shares an amazing perspective.

The 2015 NFL MVP works out like crazy and he also delivered a big message.

“You gonna choose that, over this?!” Newton said in the first of two videos. “… I’m really a monster. But I’m going to tell you this, I’m getting tired of being humble, now.”

Cam Newton shares a bold intake

Well, keep in mind that Newton used some NSFW language in his videos. Is he making a point here? What about the caption? Newton was smooth in that aspect.

“Note to self: You are great, you are the best, you are a dog, you are a monster, you are the lion!!” the caption read.

This will sure excite the Patriots nation. Fans would really want to see Newton hit the field. Some say he is too weak and injured to play under head coach Bill Belichick. Well, Newton is here to prove them wrong. His fire is burning hotter than ever and he is ready to fix his reputation.

The Patriots didn’t select a quarterback in the 2019 NFL Draft, but they did sign two undrafted free agents. Many interpreted this move as an attempt to give second-year quarterback Jarrett Stidham a chance to lead the team. It looks like Coach B had different plans for his team. Although he didn’t show any interest in getting Newton, Belichick still wanted to give him a chance.

Newton had a lot of success during his time with the Panthers. He sustained horrible injuries in 2019, and this was probably one of the reasons the organization had to release him. Newton was unable to find a home in the league, and he will soon become a Patriot. Officially.