Photos: Vanessa Bryant Shares First Look Of Nike Zoom Kobe 5 Protro ‘Bruce Lee’

Lakers legend Kobe Bryant had a big contract during his first years in the league. He was part of the Adidas family, and then joined the Nike group. Bryant had his signature shoe released every year of his career. He shifted to retro or protro shoes after his retirement. Re-releasing Kobe’s Nike shows was great, and fans really love that. Now we have the chance to see Nike Kobe 5 protro sneakers.

Protro relies on evolution and improvement. That’s how Bryant explained the true meaning behind his retro line. We don’t have any information about the release date, and there’s a big anticipation surrounding the “Bruce Lee” piece. Kobe’s wife, Vanessa, shared a look of the shoes. There’s also a photo of the alternate version. The shoes will probably be available this summer.

“I wanted to build a business that wasn’t just based on things I have done in the past. It is important that the brand stands for performance and that everything we do is innovative, even if we are releasing shoes from the past they still must be built on performance.”

Fans will love the Nike Kobe 5 protro design

The Black Mamba first made the Bruce Lee theme popular a decade ago. The legendary Nike Zoom Kobe 5 shoes were amazing. Fans loved the yellow upper and the laces that honored the bodysuit Lee had in “The Game of Death.” The red marks match the scratches Lee had in his fight in “Enter the Dragon.”

Kobe’s Bruce Lee design is one of the most revered pair of sneakers from a signature line. It was a great inspiration for Kyrie Irving. The color scheme was used in a release of the Nike Kyrie 3.

Earlier in January, we saw photos of red-based Nike Kyrie 6 shoes. They had a yellow scratch and there was also a white version.

Irving was a great fan of Kobe and he liked his work. These shoes show that and much more. Irving has been trying to keep Kobe’s legacy alive, and these shoes confirm that.

Kobe died in a tragic accident outside Los Angeles and his grieving family is still trying to cope with the loss.